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I had account with them had my husband add on my husband pass away they close my account They stated they needed death certificate driver license they want something from the government i get them that pass that still not good enough sent the paper work 4 times to them they stated yes we have then no i talk to a supervisor She it would take 30 days Then 60 days and now 120 maybe Now i can't speak to supervisor they're not available Its my money they are scams customer service stated its alot of money basically don't hold my breath yes... Read more

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My card was stolen had almost 70 dollars drained off my card. Can i get help.? Add comment

i just want to share my experience with everyone. I have being hearing about this blank ATM card for a while and i never really paid any interest to it because of my doubts. Until one day i discovered a hacking guy called James. he is really good at what he is doing. Back to the point, I inquired about The Blank ATM Card. If it works or even Exist. They told me Yes and that its a card programmed for random money withdraws without being noticed and can also be used for free online purchases of any kind. This was shocking and i still had my... Read more

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on friday 4/29/16 i requested an amount of 160.00 from atm at met food supermarket at approximately 10:32 am, and the machine only dispensed an amount of 130.00. my atm receipt read error and dispensed the amount of 130.00 and also read partial reversal. when i called my card company to check my balance, the whole amount of 160.00 had been taken out of my account. i am on a fixed budget and can not afford to give away monies. i hope that this error can be fixed and that i be reimburse the cash that i did not receive. thank you. James... Read more

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I was withdrawn before and I was going to get paid on the card to bring it over into the positive and 5 hours before I got paid I had a transaction that caused another overdraft fee putting me into the negative even after I got paid. They would not put on the last 25$ towards the account "Because it was already in the negative so there is no grace period. I'm closing my f****** account. When I called, at first he even said that I could get the money back if I payed up and then said the second time that unfortunately that is not true you would... Read more

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Worst card company ever. This is the 3rd time my card has been hacked in the past 2-3 years. Customer service gets worse every year. Used to resolve fraud quickly and now they tell you to wait 3 to 4 days for the fraudulent charge to go through so i can dispute it. Drained ALL my money from my account. Ridiculous. Changing card companies IMMEDIATELY after i get my money back. Add comment

They have a list of atm's they claim will not charge you for (keeping the theives in bussiness) atm usage. Not only should we be paid for using there degrading services Cox cable should pay us 3 times what they charge us for there garbage and I still don't know if they understand what service is. They all do this *** intentionally I believe. Somehow U.S. Bank allowed a $35. deduction go through after I closed the account. How does that turn into $700. 10 years later and the judgement illegally served to me. I was in the middle of the pacific... Read more

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I want to shear a life changing story with everyone who cares to read this testimony. Blank atm cards are real and are effective all over the world. my name is [Santos Perez] i leave in Mexico. I got this card from [MR WANDY] a month ago. this card has really help me pay my debits and now i am free from all financial problems. I no this is hard to believe , but i never new there was this kind of card until i got one. This card withdraw more than 3000usd daily and it is very easy to use. But you have to be very careful in other not to be caught... Read more

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I inserted my card into the atm I followed the instructions. I pressed the amount of withdrawal, the money came out and went back into the atm. It was a few seconds before I could grab my money it was something snatched my money. I then went inside the bank and talked to one of the customer service representatives and she told me that I needed to find out who the bank the card is on. I then called my card and the gentleman I talked to made me feel a little better. I'm now having trouble with the dispute. I feel like I can't win for losing. Is... Read more

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Hello my name is Emanuel Gordon on april 10 i realize my card was lost so i called on the 11th dat morning...cause i waited awhile to really give me time to find it so i wouldnt have found it after i called it lost.....and i was told that i had 2 withdrawls taken out one was a 400 withdrawl and one for one-hundred and was a 602.00 deposit im waiting now for my bew card to come in....i dont know whats on my card when i activate it.... Read more

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