Avoid Skylight Visa for Direct Deposit or it will cost you!

Skylight Visa was recommended by my employer last year, as they were trying to convert to only electronic payroll. You could choose your own bank, and if you did not have a bank or preferred to get you paycheck deposited elsewhere, Skylight was given as an option. I have a checking account, but prefer to keep my payroll separate, so I chose Skylight. Big mistake! Skylight is a prepaid debit card that makes it's money from fees. If you make more than 1 ATM withdrawal per pay period, it's going to cost you $2 (on top of what the ATM is going to charge). Need gas? You better make sure you have not only the amount that you're putting in gas, but whatever amount the gas station uses to authorize the transaction (usually $75-$100). If you only have the $30 you were planning to put in gas, your card will get declined & you will have to pay $1.50 fee. All of these fees seem pretty normal, but when you combine the horrible customer service when you call to inquire about these fees, plus no list of fees before or after they are incurred, and it seems like they can charge you whatever they please.

The breaking point for me was when I visited a "free of charge" ATM that was listed on their website. I was making a $120 withdrawal when the ATM malfunctioned & did not dispense any cash. A frustrating situation for sure. I called the company that owns the ATM who told me to contact my "bank" and have then file a Regulation E form. The CSR I spoke to could see that the ATM did indeed malfunction.

When I called Skylight Visa I was rudely told that I had to fax in basic information, and if the investigation showed that I had not received any cash, I MAY receive a provisional credit in 10 business days! They were so rude about it, and it seemed to me they were insinuating I was being dishonest by their attitude. I have had to file disputes 2 times with 2 different (real) banks, and they were always courteous & professional. Not with Skylight. All I can do now is wait & close my account after I get my money back...if I get my money back. I realize that these things must be investigated, but when you are being treated poorly while being told to wait, it makes a huge difference.

$120 is not much, but in these tough times, $120 could mean the difference between eating this week or not. Luckily $120 isn't breaking me, but I know it would mean a lot to some people. Especially to the consumer that prepaid cards target.

It's just shady business, especially when it seems like the 2 companies are in cohorts, when Skylight recommends you use this particular ATM to avoid fees. Yeah, right. It just cost me $120.

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Nov 17, 2014

I decided to use the skylight card threw kohls. I've been there over 2 yrs. However I was told direct deposit was in fact sent on this past Friday. However it still isn't showing, I'm pissed because I only did this till I opened a new bank account. Now my employer tells me they forgot to mention it can take 2-3wks what! Now I read every paper I received also it states on there site that kohls employees do not receive any fees for ATM, or withdrawal of money. I copy and pasted that info to us against skylight if I'm charged even a penny! If I had known how horrible skylight was I never would have asked for the card. Also kohls sent a direct deposit to skylight and I had the office check it out to make sure it definitely was sent, here to find out skylight did in fact receive the direct deposit however they will not release the funds until they choose to do so. This is in fact against all state labor laws no matter what there *** paper tells you! Unfortunately for skylight I'm not just a everyday *** who doesn't know the law. If my hard earned money that I busted my *** for does not post very soon, then by the time my lawsuit is over they will be paying me fees plus more than double my paycheck! Not including all the information regarding there unfair illegal practices against every state labor laws that I will send straight to kohls corporate CEO regarding just how horrible they are to employees that love there jobs and are faithful to kohls. Shame on skylight!

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Nov 09, 2014

Well I don't know about any of you but I had an amazing experience with skylight they have been helpful and pleasant to speak to and fixed the only issue I had ever had with them quickly and promptly I think that you guys have to understand it is a prepaid debit card not a regular debit card or credit card so the same rules don't apply and yes they do charge you if you use the wrong ATM and if you pay outside of the gas station as well but all of that is explained to you in the informational pamphlets they give you when you receive your card. Plus like I said if it is a prepaid debit card!!!!! Please read the fine print.

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Dec 22, 2014 Topeka, Kansas

^^^^ this guy obviously works for skylight

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Sep 09, 2014

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Aug 29, 2014

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Aug 23, 2014 Hell, Michigan

I just started my job at Kohls a few weeks ago. I do not have a checking account or any place for them to do a direct deposit of my pay so they gave me a Skylight Paycard since apparently getting checks is not an option anymore. It's been an awful experience right from the start. For starters, Pay goes out every Friday. One of the other new hires (Who used an actual Bank instead) said that he got his pay for the first week that Friday evening. Not the case with me. I did not get paid for my first week until the next week on Friday night at 3:30am. Yep, it took one full week for me to get my money from the previous week. Absolutely ridiculous. It doesn't stop there though. After using my card to buy some groceries the random fees and account lockouts started. Random charges for $5.00 and $1.50 labeled as "Debit: Card Fee" and then locked out of using my card or logging into the website for literally no reason.
Forget about contacting costumer service too. The first time I called it was a lady who barely spoke English and seemed like someone they had just grabbed off the street and sat down in whatever *** hole they operate from and said "Answer that phone!" and it was her first day too! I eventually gave up because every response she gave me was gibberish, the call eventually ended with her being completely silent after I asked something and then sighing before hanging up on me. The other calls were no better. Broken English and a general careless "I have no idea whats
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Aug 20, 2014

This company is horrible. DO NOT USE THEIR CARDS. They wrongly classified a transaction as a merchant refund and then blocked all access to my card because there was no original transaction. Although this was their mistake, they refused to admit wrong doing. This was a $300 transaction! Do not use their cards. Elect for direct deposit instead. Also, some states require your employer to provide you with a check if you ask for it.

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Jul 25, 2014

Oh my god! I went through the same thing word for word but it was my last 260 I was going to pay my rent. Same ten business same bad customer Service. I work in customer service and I would never wish for anyone to lose work but that supervisor Brian with no last name, is what he said, when I asked him for his whole name. After got to ask me my name ssn birthday passwords and usernames i can't ask him fr his last name? Crooks indeed!!!

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Apr 11, 2014

Crooks!! Don't get this card and if you do have it please cancel for your own good they charged me 175 $ in fee! They are racking up fees then take them all at once so you don't know your being charged tell it's to late! Legal ?? Shouldn't be my name is john and I'm not feeding my kids this week having to ask my friends for food

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bam bam

Apr 03, 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada

Fu*k skylight I tried to take my money off my card because my name was
Not unbiased on my card the transaction took the money 3061.95 I called skylight first they told me 10 days ok ill wait ......so from 2/21/14 to 3/07/14 I called back they told me 45 more days so I call the other company they aproved a chargeback for the funds on
3/7/14 skylight recived the funds direct but when I call in they told me I still have to wait till there dispute process is over and NO (rudely) they don't see the funds so I called in with the other party on the line they gave them way more curtisy and info ans still no money then the put my next deposit on hold pending the out come of the despute what the *** its 4/3/14 I can't use my old money or my new deposit closing this sh*t asaigmm ( as soon as I get my money)

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Mar 16, 2014 Oakland, California

If you have skylight and you want to get gas.
Don't use the machine outside..go inside the store and get gas ..
They hold your money for a certain amount of days (depending on which had station you went to..the reason is because when you use the machine outside they don't ask for your PIN number , they only ask for a zip code ..so they wanna make sure the transaction goes through .so they hold extra money. ...
My girlfriend works at Khols and she been thru *** and back with skylight lol

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Oct 14, 2014 Big Sandy, Texas

how much can she over draft for? I make about $1400 after taxes bi weekly. Yes family of four only income is why overdraft might be needed.

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Mar 13, 2014

i don't know who send me my skylight pay card but do i have to activate it and use it or leave it and does it put me in a problem?

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Feb 08, 2014 Preston, Maryland

Kohl's is in cahoots with these people. They screwed my daughter in law every week. She ended up "owing" $800 and something to them but after leaving Kohl's all of a sudden the charges are gone(Thank God)but no clue as to why they said it to begin with. They are frauds as well as Kohl's.

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Jun 23, 2014

Wow, i jus started wit kohls too. I havent had any problems ..yet..

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Jan 28, 2014 Miami Beach, Florida

I agree its horrible to deal with these people i had fradulant chare in my account ty hey advice it will be 10 buisness days not tru now they tell me not until another 3 more days should have an answer by now other banks would have givin me a provesional credit addionally i woyld get charge to speak to a rep.

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Jan 23, 2014

i had skylight for 4 years never had a problem until recently my credit card information was stolen and charged almost 200 dollars well they told me it take up to 90 days to get my money back after being on the phone with these people for hours trying to understand them they use to be americans when i first got the card but like everything its been outsourced to india and is impossible to deal with them now the last thing you want when your going throgh a problem is to try to understand what there saying through there accent ive already switch to a real bank after my credit card information and i noticed how diffcult it was to receive my money back i was done with them oh and they allowed my card to be charged again after never had any problems other then that but if u ever have a real problem dealing with them is a pain so just beware

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Jan 04, 2014

Ive had skylight for about eight years and i havent had a problem until recently ....my checks are always pending by five pm on fridays and im alay paid between seven and nine pm until november 2013 its pending the whole weekend.end and i dont get paid till monday mornings between 1 and 5 am. Then recently i was charged two overdraft protection fees at the same time in december for two transactions from november that the said oops we forgot to charge you last month and no one can speak proper english ...i think its time to say goodbye skylight

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Angry Payless Associate1

Jan 03, 2014

I got this card because I did not give my bank information to my manager soon enough. I was paid just today with almost $130 and just bought $10 in gas. Now it says I'm -$2.00! How?? And of course their number doesn't give the option of talking to real people. Now I have half a tank of gas to last me a week. :(

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