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I purchased a car and paid 588.00 down and then the company said they didnt receive the funds and they had the car up for repossession. I had them and Skylight manager on the phone with eachother and the company told them there was a chargeback on the account from skylight. No one seemed to knoe anything. So the same night the company takes the car and i call skylight about my money and they said they have to investigate it. Ok fine they said i... Read more

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Ref: 2648233607 Claim# 2941598 Hi, my name is elaine thompson and i want to dispute a transaction of $203. Went to a atm machine to get $200 out but it only gave me $100 instead. Can u please fix this i have a bill to pay

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It wont let me do anything and keeps charging me 1 dollar over and over. U cant talk to a person when b u call there number. Why is the company not give a *** about the cardholders. I pay them everyweek and they screw me and i cant even get help because there is no number with a human on the other end its *** and a bad company. I cant get any helpbim sick of it, u owe me money *** card.

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i have not recived my pay for 2 month

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well on aug. 21st. at 2:27pm i put $10.10 worth of gas they charged me $55.00 placed by the pump it said on my receipt i will get the difference back in 7 days no luck receiving the money then right after that skylight took $91.00 out from a purchased but i didnt purchased nothing so why did you take the money out? excepted i purchased $10.10 in gas. now i have $282.00 my account but when i went to get money out they said i need to contact my... Read more

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TERRIBLE!!! Im so frustrated with this company. I have money in my account, but my card keeps getting declined. I called costumer service, which is automated, would not let me speak to an actual human being. It kept saying the representitives were busy and hung up on me. Then I emailed them. The responded that I might receive a response within 48 hours. I so frustrated. I am not able to buy graceries or anything, but apparently, this company... Read more

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Wont let me use my card or get MY MONEY

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I just want my money Read more

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I dispute any money taken out of my Skylight acct. on 9/3/16 from TRYMAXSYNAPSENEWYORKUS of $63.20.I ordered trial for $4.85 on 8/16/16 and spoke with someone ,to cancel further shipments on 8/16/16...

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Skylight Visa Debit Card Review from Chicago, Illinois
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My name is Reginald Fain my claim #is2914710.From the months of April2016 to August 30 2016...a company named TNT 18008604857 also known as naughty has been sole users of withdrawls from my account which was not authorized by me..a permanant card was sent to my previous address but not my current address even this was news to me however in the month of March2016 a total of. 4 unauthorize payments to TNT for $1.76.APRIL2016 a total of 11... Read more

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