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I,Mickrin Mitchell 7688815792 and 2410926 did not make a transaction at 1235 North Grand in the amount of 20.00 and 40.00 Dollar without my permission my card lose and the only transaction was on the 10-09-2015 in the amount of 100.00 dollars in granity city ill.62040.Therfore I'm requisting that I get a new card replacement and the the amount be replace back on to my account with fees and the amount that was taking from me.therefore I Mickrin Mithell ask of the account of my depost be replace to the account and that I beleave that I have conforment in your bank and trust in the co. that this will be done as soon as posable thant you very much and this wiil not happen to me again thank you again Mickrin Mitchell.

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i want money back and file dispute compliant acct is 4126507 excuse i ma deaf thank u


Hi I'm Billy my claim number is 4063081 my reference number is 5165932218 my card was stolen and used on 03/ 24/2018 at dollar General and speedway. And on 03/25/2018 it was used at taco bell. I never go to these places and had my card sold out of my locker at work 90 dollars came up missing


My card is $-88 and I have not used my card since January.


I was told to write a dispute form but it took me here I have 2 unauthorized charges taken off my card one from Valley Enterprise for $18.12 on the 19th of March and the other one was for the 19th of March at KFC for $19 and some odd sense my reference number is 8576218561and my claim number is 4051365


Hi my name is Taylor Finn.I called Skylight and they told me to put in a dispute form.

I went to the website it told me to and it brought me here so I'm not really sure what to do. My claim # is 4040486 My reference # 8229509892 two transactions was made on my card. One was made on March 13, 2018 for $23.35 and a second transaction on March 14,2018 for $5.99. The merchants name is LCA-HUS.COM.

I have never even heard of this place and don't know what they sell and nor do I care. It over drafted me so not I also have an over draft payment of $25.00 and when I got paid today all this money was taken off my card and I need help getting it fixed because every dime I make goes to taking care of my 3 kids as I am a single mother and the guy I talked to from sky light didn't really seem to care about helping me get my money back for transactions I didn't make along with an over draft payment that it gave me.

What do I do now, so I can get my money back?Please anyone help.


Hi my is Antoinette Taylor I have a claim my claim number is 4010256 my reference number is 2737098505 Some one used my card on March 3,2018 at 5:36am on google miniclip.co/Helpay and took off $45.16


I have a claim my claim number is #3978876 Reference# 3095316548 I cristina lopez spoke with a represent with Skylight Card.The represent explain to me that I needed to put a claim in with my skylight card, so i can receive a $220.00 back on my card

I use the ATM at walmart at 2004 S.pleasant st springdale ar 72764 the bank no money was despence but it send me a message saying the money was withdrawn from my card .


My name is Clarence Eldridge. My reference # is 37944022946. The claim number is 2962818


I have a claim my claim number is #390318, I John Bell spoke with a represent with Skylight Card.The represent explain to me that I needed to put a claim in with my skylight card, so i can receive a $100.00 back on my card from AT&T internet service.

I haven't received the $100.00 back on my card as of 01/27/2018.Any question you can reach me at 229-291-3018 Thanks.


This Is Gregory Donald Reference# 8289086867 Claim#3899683 $85.76 purchase at READYREFRESH BY NESTL on 01/12 04:45pm CT And They Took Out Again On 1/13 with your Netspend Skylight ONE card ending in 1727.


Claim # 3899306 reference # 443743901. Amazon in the amount of 104.94 dispute on 1/12/17


Amount $296

Account #{{Redacted}}

I'm trying see where is my money I sent in my dispute form 12/15/2017 my card was used in awhole neither state so I'm trying see why y'all giving me the run around. I need my money.

The dates was as follow 10/6/2017-10/7/2017-10/9/2017 all charges on those dates

to Johnny Mckinney #1447440

Sorry to bother you but I was told to put in a dispute but when I typed in the address the guy from skylight told me to this is where it brought me so I posted a comment with all the info he told me I would need but I'm not really sure if this is the right place I am post to do it at and I saw in your comment that you put a dispute in so I was hoping you would be able to help me since the people at skylight have been of no help tooo me and I am in very much need of getting my paycheck back that was took from me that I use to takke care of my 3 boys as I am a single mother. any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Taylor Finn


I was on Amazon I cancel my orders.Amazon never took the money.

I'm missing over 200 dollars.That Amazon never took.

Where is my money skylight?

Claim# 350537



My name is Amanda Tabbs my car was stolen yesterday and my card was in my car.I have transactions that were made on December 18th that I have no knowledge of.

The last transaction I had was dec 9th I was suppose to get paid on December 18th and all my money had been withdrawn.Please help my number is 2056949723


My card was stolen on December 17 at 9:00 PM and I didn't use my card


My name is mattia sannoh and my references number are 3840945 and the other is 3840947i have no idea about it. So please help me to get my money back.


I noticed the police about that. and I need help to get my money back please.


My was stolen on December 17 at 9:00pm and I didn't use my card.


Kareen Dufresne

I did not make any transaction on Wednesday December 6,2017 for uber trips for a total of $ 54.05. My reference number is 9143591983 and my claim number is 3814607

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