I just got my Skylight Paycard Visa from my current employer.I had never used one before so I read all the material about fees associated with the card.

I used their Surcharge Free ATM finder to find an ATM. It suggest I go to US BANK. I went to US BANK to withdraw money so that I could put into my checking account at my bank since I pay my bills that way automatically. Since it was my first paycheck from a few days of training I only had $61.50.

I knew this ahead of time because I checked my Skylight account online. So when I got to the ATM I tried to withdraw $60, it declined and said insufficient funds. I didn't understand because I knew I had $61.50 in my account. I tried it again, this time withdrawing $40 which it let me do.

US BANK doesn't print your current balance on your receipt so confused about the whole transaction I did a balance inquiry which showed I only had $15 left in my account. 40+15 does not equal 61.50. So where did my other $6.50 go? When I got home I checked my Skylight account online and found out the reason: US bank charged me $2.50 just to withdraw money from the ATM (which is why it wouldn't allow me to withdraw the $60), it then charged me $2 for a decline fee.

When I did a balance inquiry (which is free at my bank) I was charged another $2. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! $6.50 in fees????? I knew some banks would do this but I really very mislead because I used one of the banks ATMs listed on their "Surcharge Free" finder.

I am very disappointed in this card. Luckily I only have to have it a month and then I have the option to give my employer my actual bank routing number to have my paycheck direct deposited into.

When that time comes this card is going bye-bye and the account is being closed.NEVER AGAIN.

Review about: Skylight Visa Prepaid Card.

Monetary Loss: $7.


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I don't understand the have business and the don't a bank so u can use the don't change for you transsation

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #1143561

see this is why I myself William garrett dislike paycard you have to pay to get your own money its robbery.


My name is Cameron and I work for a merchandising company that uses their cards. Skylight Financial's site is a joke. They're a business and not a bank - this is why they even robbed me of $10 worth of their exorbitant fees and I don't need the headache of a check from my company when they should sign up for a proper direct deposit system than SF.


I had the same thing happen to me.I went to their "Surcharge Free Atm" that was listed on the map.

I did the whole transaction and it did give me my money, luckily i barely use it so I spot every little thing missing. I noticed that when I withdrew $50 it also CHARGED me a fee of $1.50 for it , even though it wasn't supposed to. I immediately went to their "Customer support" and sent them a mail where I stated I was charged for it even though i wasn't supposed to. They replied within a day and were happy to fix it though and deposited the $1.50 back into my account.

I'm sure if I had not called them out on it they wouldn't have changed anything but you just have to be careful. Hopefully that's the only thing I would have problems with.

I've had them for about 4 months now and that's the only bad thing so far.

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